#110 – Amazon Prime Day 2020. What You Need to Know

Trending Topics Amazon Prime Day 2020. What you need to know. It’s that time of year again. The days are getting warmer and longer, summer is just around the corner and for Amazon sellers, it’s time to start getting ready for Prime day. And with the event being pushed back to September, sellers have an additional

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#109 – Amazon Prime Day 2020 will go ahead – CONFIRMED!

Trending Topics Amazon Prime Day 2020 will go ahead – CONFIRMED! Amazon’s website continues to state, “Prime Day 2020 has not been announced.”: Amazon Prime Day 2020 will definitely take place, although perhaps not on the traditional mid July date. We were expecting to see Prime Day around the 13th of July, but it may be

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#108 – Who are the top 1,000 Amazon sellers?

Trending Topics Who are the top 1,000 Amazon sellers?: Here’s the latest edition of the world’s top 1,000 Amazon marketplace sellers. There’s a breakdown for each of the fifteen Amazon marketplaces and additional data on cross-border trade across Europe and North America. LinkWhat's selling like hotcakes right now on Amazon - starting at $30: Well, now that we’ve

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#107 – Amazon allows FBA inbound shipments & lightning deals

Trending Topics Amazon lifted inbound FBA restrictions (no official announcement): Less than two weeks ago, Fulfillment by Amazon announced a freeze until April 5 on receiving “non-essential” inventory. However, we have confirmed from a large number of FBA Sellers that the restrictions are lifted, though there’s no official announcement from Amazon yet. LinkAmazon Coupons and Lightning Deals

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#106 – Amazon sellers now have 14 days to process refunds

Trending Topics Amazon offers temporary relief in refund process and Seller Fulfilled Prime refund reimbursement policies: During May 2020, sellers will have 14 days to process returned items and refund customers. The required return processing time will revert to two calendar days after May 31, 2020. Link Amazon is ugently looking for these products: Supply these ASINS

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#105 – Amazon is urgently looking for these products, Supply these ASINs to grow sales during COVID times

Trending Topics Amazon is urgently looking for these products. Supply these ASINs to grow sales during COVID times: If you are a business supplier with large inventory of critical products, you can help Amazon meet the demand for COVID-19 health and safety supplies. Amazon is waiving all standard referral fees for third-party sellers on products supplied

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#104 – Amazon allowed Sellers to ship nonessential items

Trending TopicsAmazon allowed Sellers to ship nonessential items: Amazon has started to allow third-party sellers to ship some nonessential items to its warehouses. "We appreciate our selling partners" patience as we prioritize products for customers. LinkShopify to offer cash loan advances for small businesses: Shopify Inc said on Monday it would provide cash advances to small businesses that

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#103 – Amazon waived FBA Fees, See Details

Trending News Amazon FBA Fee Waiver: Amazon issues FBA fee waiver to stoke seller interest. Notably, the latest Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) fee waiver is likely to reduce the cost burden of such sellers whose revenues have been impacted by the company’s decision to stop delivering non-essential items. Link Amazon's official response regarding COVID-19: Amazon considers many factors

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