Do you comply with states or just let marketplaces like Amazon do it for you? : ecommerce


Ok, so I’m an Amazon seller with about 1000 units (30k revenune) a month in sales in the US market. I’m looking to expand to other markets and possibly make a Shopify store.

Is there anyone out there that can tell me exactly what I need to do for sales taxes? I mean realistically, I can’t afford to comply in every state (unless there’s a cheap way to do it), so what is the best practice for this?

I’m located in PA. Should I just start filing in my home state and not do other states unless I get a notice or what? It’s so confusing and I can’t find a direct answer for what I need to do if I want to start expanding my sales channels.

Also, marketplaces like Etsy, only collect/remit in 25ish states (vs Amazon and ebay’s 42ish states), so is it too risky to sell on Etsy if I don’t comply with most states?

What should I do? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Also if there is a way to do it with no integration, like Tax Jar, then how do you do it? Do you give a sales summary report to the CPA or what?

Thanks a ton for any help on this!


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