Looking for advice – Establishing a Brand : ecommerce


I’m in the first phase of establishing a brand. Main focus will be around towels, robes, toiletries and such.

Being from Saudi Arabia, that’s where my target audience will be from, at least for now. Focus will be on individuals but will also take large orders from hotels, short-stay residences etc.

Competition is high, but mainly full of overpriced/low quality products.

Already received some product samples from a couple of factories in China and still waiting for more samples to determine which factory I sign up with.

The brand identity is still in the development phase, it has taken a lot longer than I anticipated but hopefully I find the one.

I already commissioned a consulting firm for a feasibility study just incase I’m in need of an investor/loan.

The feasibility study will also help me in drawing a plan for growth, understanding the market in-depth and in avoiding certain losses or unnecessary ventures.

The brand will only have an online presence during the first stages as well as being my top priority. Whenever the brand receives recognition and sales are steady, I will look into renting out shelves in pharmacies, but like I said, my main focus will be e-commerce.

I’ll be using a local platform similar to Shopify with all the tools needed for a successful e-commerce site.

Will also have a WordPress ready with tons of niche specific articles for SEO purposes, haven’t found a good content provider yet but I’m still searching.

Product storage, packaging and shipping will all be handled through a logistics provider. Luckily the regional manager of the logistics provider lives in my neighborhood and he’s offered me a great deal.

As for marketing the brand, I’m unsure how to handle it properly. Marketing agencies is the way to go for big businesses, but I don’t know if they’re a viable option for me.

Thank you for taking the time to read, I hope I didn’t miss anything.

  • What are your thoughts? Am I on the right path?

  • What would you change or add to the steps taken?

  • What marketing strategy would fit my plan?

Any advice or criticism is much appreciated.


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