Distributing or Drop Shipping through Shopify : ecommerce


I’m interested in bringing a product into my store that so far is being shipped out of another country to all US customers. It’s a great product and there is a high demand. I use a 3PL (a small family run distributor that’s local to me) for my own Shopify store and carry about 70 SKU’s. The brand is interested in having my fulfillment do FBA in addition to bringing them into my shop. I’m having to negotiate the wholesale because right now they have it at a ridiculous rate that wouldn’t work for any retailer. They have expressed that they’re willing to strike a much better deal for me.

I’m trying to think of the best outcome for us both to get their products in the US, to Amazon, and to my own store. I wondered if it makes sense to simply be their entire US fulfillment even for their direct website sales as a drop shipper. I could have my own stock for my store, ship large orders to Amazon from my warehouse, and fulfill their web store’s US orders as well. Is this model possible through Shopify? Both our stores are built on Shopify.

For a financial model my business has discussed offering to buy around cost from them instead of a wholesale rate and then paying them a % of each sale depending on the source of it at an agreed upon rate. That would reduce our upfront financial risk and makes sure they lose nothing but have everything to gain if this is a success.

Any advice?


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