Best Shopify Apps to Add to Your Shopify Store


E-commerce is going to shape the future of the retail business. Almost all companies – big or small are thinking of taking their business online. Online e-commerce platforms have made it easier for all businesses to develop their e-commerce sites faster.

Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, etc. are a few popular e-commerce platforms that businesses are using to build sites. Of late, Shopify has also emerged as a very popular e-commerce platform and is already powering over 1,000,000 businesses worldwide.

There are a number of reasons behind Shopify’s popularity.

First, it is quick and easy to set up and one doesn’t require any technical expertise to launch a Shopify store. Second, it is secure, reliable and provides enabling SSL certificates to encrypt data and secure it. Third, it provides mobile-ready themes that look appealing across all screen sizes.

There is one more important reason behind the popularity of Shopify.

There is an app for virtually everything!

Be it in-depth analytics, shipments, marketing, or any other aspect you need to manage, Shopify’s got you covered. If you are a Shopify store looking for the best Shopify apps to integrate, you are at the right place.

This post enlists some of the best Shopify apps that you can add to expand your store’s functionalities.

Best Shopify Plugins to Support Your Shopify Store

Below are the best Shopify plugins you can use for your store:

  • AppJetty Language Translator for Shopify

  • AppJetty GeoIP Redirect for Shopify

  • AppJetty Delivery Date Manage for Shopify

  • AppJetty Zipcode Validator for Shopify

  • AppJetty Auspost Shipping for Shopify

  • AppJetty Dropshipping for Shopify

1. AppJetty Language Translator for Shopify

Language Translator for Shopify

AppJetty Language Translator for Shopify is a feature-rich translation app for your Shopify store. With support for native translation, it makes your Shopify store translation seamless and SEO-friendly. Following are the highlight features of this translator app:

  • Simple and Smart Translation

    This app lets you manage all the product objects (variants and options) in a single product resource. Hence, you don’t need to translate product options (size or color) or product variants separately. You can translate them easily with one tap which makes backend translation simple and fast. You can also translate auto-triggered SMS and emails to enhance target customers’ experience.

  • Choice between Google API-based Manual and Automated Translation

    It lets you translate your store components both ways. You can either translate them manually or translate them in bulk automatically with Google API. You can also know the translation status of every component in your store during bulk translation.

  • 100% Control Over Final Translation

    If you want, you can preview the final translation of your store beforehand. The What You See Is What You Get feature lets you manually edit any piece of content that doesn’t match the intended translation.

  • Compatibility with all major SEO apps

    With AppJetty Language Translator, you can create multiple language-specific domains with native Shopify multi-language support. This helps make your translation SEO-friendly and boost your visibility.

2. AppJetty GeoIP Redirect for Shopify

GeoIP Redirect for Shopify

AppJetty GeoIP Redirect for Shopify helps localize your customers’ browsing experience. It redirects visitors to a specific site as per their countries or states. Following are the highlight features of this app:

  • Multiple Language Domains, Custom Pop-Ups, and Currency Switcher

    You can add or remove multiple countries to a base language domain to redirect customers from those countries to that. An engaging custom redirect pop-up helps engage your customers better. The built-in currency switcher also lets the customer pick a currency as per their nationality.

  • Flexible Redirect Options

    It lets you enable forced GeoIP-based redirection or lets customers decide which language-based store they want to view. If you enable auto-redirect, it will redirect all the customers from a particular country to the domain you have configured for them. Disabling it will give the freedom of choice of the store-view in customers’ hands. They can either keep the default store view or choose multiple language options to switch the store in real-time.

  • Protection against Malicious Traffic

    GeoIP Redirect also enables you to secure your store against malicious IPs and frauds. You can easily block unwanted traffic from counterfeit IDs with a high number of fake orders or return rates. You can also choose to restrict visitors from a particular country to visit your store to comply with your trade policies.

  • Traffic Redirection/Analysis Reports

    With the traffic redirection and analytics report GeoIP Redirect provides, you can better view and analyze the annual redirects and blocks. You can view the month-wise report to find out which countries contribute to more traffic on your site.

3. AppJetty Delivery Date Manage for Shopify

Delivery Date Manage for Shopify

AppJetty Delivery Date Manager for Shopify lets customers choose delivery date and time as per their choice and enhances their shopping experience. Following are the highlight features of this app:

  • Restrict Delivery Period

    You can configure the available date range to select a suitable delivery date for customers with the Delivery Date Manager.

  • Cut-Off Time

    Cut-off time is the time beyond which orders placed won’t count as the order on the same date. By configuring cut-off time, you can manage the delivery of daily orders better and more efficiently.

  • Customizable Delivery Date Picker and Delivery Comments

    It lets you customize the color and font of the delivery date picker. This helps you make the delivery date picker more appealing. You can let your customers add delivery comments and notes before checkout to personalize their shopping experience.

  • No-Contact Delivery

    Covid-19 has made contactless delivery popular. You can also offer customers to choose the “No-Contact Delivery” option on the cart page with the app.

  • Enhanced Shipping Configuration

    To manage shipments better, you can also limit the total count of daily orders. You can configure the maximum number of orders in a particular time-interval of a day. Or you can restrict them on a full-day basis by configuring the maximum number of orders in a day.

4. AppJetty Zipcode Validator for Shopify

Zipcode Validator for Shopify

AppJetty Zipcode Validator for Shopify helps enhance your customers’ shopping experience and store transparency. It lets customers check product availability by entering the zip codes of their regions. Following are the highlight features of this app.

  • Custom Delivery/Unavailability Messages

    You can customize delivery availability and unavailability messages and their style to make them attractive.

  • Blacklist Zip Codes

    With Zipcode Validator, you can blacklist zip codes where you can’t deliver products. It will disable the addition of products to the cart page by customers from those zip codes.

  • Estimated Delivery Date and Time

    Based on the zip code the customers enter, you can display the estimated delivery date and time to customers. This can help increase the chances of more purchases by enhancing transparency.

  • Specification of Post Code Rules

    You can specify zip code rules for postal code validation product-wise, category-wise, or for all products. This helps maintain and manage delivery priorities on your Shopify store.

5. AppJetty Auspost Shipping for Shopify

Auspost Shipping for Shopify

AppJetty Auspost Shipping for Shopify helps auto-calculate live and contract shipping rates directly on the checkout page. Thus, it also helps make the management of shipments a hassle-free experience. Following are the features of this app:

  • Multiple Service Options

    You can buy multiple Australia Post shipping services and choose to enable or disable them in real-time. It also lets you update changes in shipping services and reflect them on the front-end via re-sync.

  • Custom Product Dimensions

    Auspost Shopify enables you to assign custom dimensions to products individually or in bulk. You can assign dimensions manually or configure standard dimensions to similar items in bulk. You can further configure default dimensions to auto-assign to any product with undefined dimensions.

  • Display of Live and Contract Shipping Rates

    Auspost Shopify lets you fetch live shipping rates with your API key during checkout. You can also fetch contract shipping rates via your account no., user no., and password to avail of contract shipping rates for high volume of shipments.

6. AppJetty Dropshipping Manager for Shopify

Dropshipping for Shopify

AppJetty Dropshipping Manager for Shopify helps make your dropshipping management seamless. Here are the following features that it provides:


  • Filter Orders by Vendor & Date

    With AppJetty Dropshipping Manager, you can easily filter the orders customers place by vendors, dates, or fulfillment status.

  • Export/Import Orders

    If you have many order fulfillment statuses to update, you can add and update them in bulk. You can simply export or import order fulfillment statuses. You can import or export files in formats including CSV, XLSX, and ODS and send them to vendors.

  • Email Your Order List

    AppJetty Dropshipping Manager lets you send your order list via an email to your vendor and update them about the pending orders.

Integrate Shopify Apps – Upgrade Your Store Now

Shopify apps can enhance various Shopify store’s aspects and functionalities. If you are a Shopify store owner, our AppJetty has got a collection of our best Shopify plugins, as we explained above.

If you want to know more about these apps and integrate them, you can check our site. We can also provide the assistance you need to add the Shopify app.

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