Selling on Etsy via private supplier… How do I scale? : ecommerce


Hello, I have a custom designed product and manufacturer and shipping agent. I’ve been making 10k+ in revenue per month over the past 3 months… But it’s all on Etsy, and the reason why I’m profitable (30-40%) is because I have almost 0 ad cost (FB, Google, etc). All my purchases are Etsy organic keyword searches, with very small marketing fees every now and then when I get a sale from a search engine through Etsys own advertising algorithms externally.

So now, what should I do? I have experience with Shopify and FB ads on other products that have not been successful in Dropshipping, but I have given up on that because my FB ad costs always ate everything and more.

I can make me a Shopify site for my products in 1 day, but then what? I’m sure fb ads will simply eat my.profit and even more IF they even work… In fact, my business manager account has been DISABLED by FB because of their stupid algorithm and crappy support, but FB allows you to have 2 business manager accounts so I can create a second one but I have lost faith in FB ads especially with iOS privacy settings coming up.

So what do you guys recommend/suggest?

I’m thinking of Amazon FBA next, but for completely unrelated products because my current product has many custom variations that it will be too much hassle to stock all that variation inventory especially with no Amazon experience.

But aside from Amazon for an unrelated product, how/where can I scale my CURRENT product?


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