Free alternatives to wix/squarespace/shopify?


Hi everyone,

I'm trying to create a hyper-basic webstore. Essentially, my lacrosse team is trying to sell fan gear for a limited time, and we want to let people order these online before a deadline. Once the deadline hits, the apparel will be printed and shipped.

Realistically, we are looking at maximum five products that will be up for about 4-6 weeks. All we really need is a product page, payments processing, and an order list and bingo.

I don't know much about these platforms, but after checking out Wix, Shopify and Squarespace – which seem like the big three to me – I feel like I would be paying for way more than I need. Do you guys have any recommendations or other options I could look into?

I'm selling in the Netherlands, so €€€ if that makes any difference at all.


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