Established mail-order business moving platforms..what is best? : ecommerce


My husband and I inherited my FIL’s mail order business of products based off a restaurant. Because of the loyal customer base, he did very little marketing/promoting and was able to net about 40k a year. Currently, the site is on WordPress and it uses WooCommerce and ShipStation to fulfill orders. It also is managed by a design/site management team that we pay a lot for and who does relatively nothing. We have run into many issues since taking it over, mostly with communication between the four players (WordPress, WooCommerce, Shipstation, and web management team) communicating with one another and/or not taking responsibility for issues. We want to move the site to Shopify or SqaureSpace to be able to run the site ourselves and not deal with the stress of dealing with so many different entities. My husband and I are not super knowledgeable about tech. We’ve heard Shopify is more expensive but is better for Ecommerce but no one really explains why. We’ve heard that SquareSpace is cheaper and has better design layouts but we don’t know the downsides to taking this route. Can anyone briefly explain the advantages/ disadvantages?


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