Setting up a basic converting lead magnet (pop up) : ecommerce


As requested by people, I will run through a basic welcome flow set-up to collect leads for your store.

Firstly, what exactly is a Welcome series. It is an Email Flow triggered whenever someone joins your email list.⁣

Popup Setup :

The setup depends on what CMS you’re using. Certain email platforms have inbuilt pop-up builders. If you do not want to use them, there are some free plugins for Shopify and WordPress called Privy which integrates well with email platforms like Mailchimp, klaviyo, etc.

I use Klaviyo. So all I do is create a popup that offers x% discount and link it to a list (newsletter).

Flow setup

This flow works like a charm (secret sauce: personalization).

Email #1 (send it right away)

Send an email giving them the discount code and let them know that the discount ends in 2 hours. Make sure the discount code is dynamic (if you don’t know what dynamic discount codes are, please check my last posts).

Email #2 (send after a day)

Send an email telling them that their discount expired yesterday but you revived it just for today. You can attach a timer gif to the email for urgency. But it isn’t as necessary.

Email #3 (send after a day)

This is not for conversion but for indoctrination. Tell them about your business and your USPs. BTW, this converts as well.

Hope you like this post. If there’s any email related query that you have, please do let me know in the comments, will write another post.


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