Trying to figure out which e-commerce platform to use : ecommerce


Hey All, I’m going to be selling a handful of products soon, an inventory with around 5 to 10 skus.

I will have two fulfilment centers, one in USA and one in Europe.

What I’m looking for is:

  • A platform that I can host my products and heavily customise the theme

  • A platform that will allow me to provide translated version of the products and site in 4 languages

  • The ability to have orders be sent on to the fulfilment centres to send out the packages. While I will have localised products which are different skus, my English product stock will be split between locations and will be a single sku number.

  • The possibility to easily have a pop up store for events, but this I can handle separately if needed.

  • Have products in local currency, specifically GBP, USD and EUR

  • Handle sales tax and VAT calculations

I’ve looked at many options, and while Shopify for example would be ideal, to support 4 languages, its only available with their 300$ a month plan unless I’m mistaken.

Any advice or experience would be great.


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