Shopify store is not converting well. Would love to hear an honest take of our store : ecommerce


Jewelry stores are tough. It’s one of the harder items to sell online in my opinion because pictures never do the products any justice. I have some feedback in no particular order.

  1. I think the white bkg photos within your collections pages are dull. The jewelry doesn’t pop. The gold looks washed out against the white background on the small thumbnails. It’s also just too thin and small to show the entire product within a small thumbnail. I would experiment with using the model photo as your primary / thumbnail image instead of the white background. Or alternatively if you’re intent on using the white background as the thumbnails, do photography that’s closer up but doesn’t show the whole item. For example, your earrings could fill up much more space on the white background than what you’re currently using so that I can see the design better, and your necklaces could just show the pendant with part of the chain versus the entire chain. That way I see less of the necklace, but more details. However like I said, I would use the model faces photos instead as thumbnails.

  2. “We bring a little bit of our own personalities to each collection.” <– That’s what your about page says, but I don’t see that personality anywhere. Your product descriptions are boring and matter of fact. “Ruby rock hand pendant. This everyday pendant is double sided and pairs well when layered with your favorite pieces . 18 inches with a 2 1/2 inch extender chain”

Your product descriptions need to tell a story and paint a picture of who buys this, where they wear it, why you chose it for the collection, etc. “Pairs well with your favorite pieces.” Like what? How about you cross link to a pair of earrings you sell that pair well with it?

I don’t know your personalities, but if you’re funny — be funny. If you’re a romantic — be gushy. Only about 50% of your tone and personality comes through on the web, so you’ve got to be 200% of yourself in order to get your message across. Stories sell, not necklace weights.

3) A few things people want to know before they shop with a new brand–> Shipping, Turnaround Time, and Guarantee. You mention these things in various parts of your website, but your customers shouldn’t have to dig for them. Every product page, built into the product template, should say something like the following right near the price / add to cart. “Free Shipping. 2 Day Turnaround. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.”

4) You didn’t mention where your traffic is coming from — so it’s hard to comment on the conversion rate from a targeting standpoint and I can only comment on what visitors see after they arrive. However your SEO is terrible. Your Meta Titles (which appear in the tab) are your URLs and your Meta Descriptions are way too long (which means that most likely Shopify is auto-populating them). Definitely need to review the SEO basics because it’s not just about showing up on search, it’s also important for website hierarchy and navigation.

5) Your cart is practically hidden. I click “Add to cart” on an item and nothing happens. Some themes will direct the customer straight to the Cart page after adding something to it. Other themes will do a pop-up. Other themes will highlight the filled cart icon at the top of the page. Yours does none of that. There’s 4 icons at the top of the page that kind of blend together so I have to work to find the right one to get there. You should see if your theme has a setting to redirect people right to the shopping cart after adding something to it — or doing a right side pop-out cart — or anything else to get me to checkout faster.

6) Back on the photography for just one second — I just feel like whatever filter you used on the product photos is not doing you any favors. I get the vintage looking filter vibe, but it makes it really difficult to see the quality and details of the products and washes them out a little.

7) In general, I just think the site needs some more personality across the board. That, and a few tweaks to steer people towards adding to cart and getting them to checkout (such as selling them via the product descriptions) will make a good difference.

Good job so far though! Keep at it.


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