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I use Shopify and set up shipping profiles specific to my vendors. I thought this was all working smoothly, but last night I had an email from a customer who wanted to cancel his order because shipping costs were so high. I reviewed his order, and shipping costs were double what they should be. I emailed the customer back with an apology, cancelled his order per his request, and offered him a discount code to offset the inflated shipping cost should he decide to redo the order (as of yet, he hasn’t).

I reviewed my shipping profiles and could not see where the cost increase happened. My only suspicion is that it added in tax and that bumped it up, or that the shipping insurance fee did it. This has not happened on any previous orders. This is also the first customer complaint I’ve had about shipping costs.

  1. Have any of you had this problem happen? If so, were you able to determine the cause? How did you fix it?

  2. Would any of you be willing to play around on my site and see if anything seems to not be working properly from a customer standpoint? If so, I can share the shop link (or DM it to you if it’s not allowed in the post).

Thanks in advance for any feedback you can give!


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