is every big platform … awful? : ecommerce


I work as a web developer for a marketing and SEO firm. That means I get to touch a lot of platforms. Old and new.

My experience in the past few years is that everything has gotten… worse!

Bouncing from project to project I never truly get to master any of these platforms. I’d say I know M2 the best, and it’s probably the most complicated. Am I forgetting a platform? Am I missing some golden tutorial for these platforms?

What do you guys recommend to clients? I know I can make any of these platforms work, but the development experience is always terrible.



Slate has been discontinued. There is no solution for local theme development. Themekit is very slow. There is no sane way to stage changes to a client’s website.


Almost identical to Shopify’s Slate, but quite a bit more functional. Stencil is clumsy and slow. Documentation is poor, and every version advancement of the tool makes your theme incompatible until you migrate it. Error messages (eg. the classic T-300) are hilariously uninformative.

Magento 2

Don’t even get me started on this mess. At least composer works now. You have to have 64 gigs of ram to load this bastard into PHPstorm, let alone run some wild docker setup to test code locally.


Scaling issues. Messy extension ecosystem. Easy to develop for but generally sucks. WordPress is in a strange transitional phase of its development.


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