How to build up your website traffic using Instagram : ecommerce


Disclaimer: This approach is by no means a quick fix method, but once you’ve gone through the initial “setup phase” only a few minutes a day are enough to grow your account into the thousands – even tens of thousands – of followers (= potential customers) who routinely visit your store and buy your products.

Let’s start!

Instagram presents a fantastic way of generating warm to hot traffic for your shopify business without having to spend large amounts of money on it repeatedly.

On the contrary: By building a strong social following on Instagram you can advertise to interested people over and over again and connect with (and sell to) them without having to spend a dime on traffic!

All you need are a few proven growth strategies and you stand a realistic shot of building yourself a rock-solid following that loves and trusts you and your business/brand.

Imagine what as little as 10k engaged followers might do to your business.

And 10k isn’t a huge number by any stretch of the imagination:

In fact, it took me less than a year to grow my account from 500 to 105K real followers (without having a prior following anywhere else!), which massively increased my earning capacity.

To help you quickly get started on Instagram as well, I’d like to share with you today some of the important things I’ve learned during my quick rise to the top of my niche on this powerful social platform.

So without further ado, I present to you how to quickly grow your business with Instagram starting from zero – let’s go:

  1. Niche Research

The most important thing you want to do to start growing your account on Instagram is Niche Research.

Niche Research means going on Instagram and finding out what other successful accounts in your niche do, so you can copy the best elements and emulate their success.

The biggest reason people don’t find success on Instagram is because they have no clue what they’re doing, and simply do what they think will work without ever really informing or educating themselves.

This is a recipe for disaster and lots of wasted time.

Niche Research is done by looking up your primary #niche hashtag.

If you sell tennis gear, that would be #tennis.

By looking at the Top posts of that hashtag you can quickly find successful accounts within your niche.

Study these accounts, see what kind of content they post, what hashtags they use, what their profile looks like and take note of all of that.

I define successful accounts to be accounts with 10K+ followers that have an average or above average engagement rate.

The first step is to simply dive in and discover this new world of successful accounts within your niche, so you see what is possible.

If you discover any accounts that particularly resonate with you, follow them, write them down, or remember them otherwise – you’re going to need these accounts later on!

2) Hashtags Research

The second step is Hashtag Research.

You want to find atleast 80 hashtags that are relevant in your niche, so you can construct a hashtag strategy.

Put them in a sheet, also record the number of posts in each hashtag (= hashtag size), and then as a beginner follow this hashtag strategy:

· Select 15 hashtags from the 15k-100k hashtag size range

· Select 10 hashtags from 100k-250k hashtag size range

· Select 5 hashtags with 250k+ hashtag size

Use this set of 30 hashtags in the post caption of your future Instagram posts to get more followers.

3) Profile Optimization

Now it’s time for Profile Optimization.

In order to convert a higher percentage of people who stumble upon your account into followers, you need a fully optimized Instagram profile.

That includes:

  1. Your profile pic & bio

  2. Your content

  3. Your Instagram story highlight reel

To know what to put into these different areas is the precise reason we’ve started with Niche Research.

Consult your list of successful accounts in your niche and emulate what seems to work for them and what resonates with you.

Here are a few pointers:

· Make sure you really stand out with your profile pic and bio! Be memorable.

· Use emojis in your bio and break up the text for more readability.

· Use SEO keywords in your bio to increase your account reach through search queries. (Example for meditation keyword)

· Have at least 9 posts on your profile and make them look interesting and fitting for your niche! (very important)

· Make your Instagram story highlight reel interesting and attention grabbing. (refer to the successful accounts in your niche for ideas) Example

Once you’ve done all that, you’ve prepared your Instagram account so it can grow more rapdily.

The next step is to apply the actual growth methods.

As a small account you have to use what I call “linear growth methods” to grow most quickly.

Here are 3 examples:

  1. Growth method #1: Post more often in a day

The most important aspect of growing an Instagram account is posting content.

Preferably good content. (Example of virally potent posts)

Check the successful accounts in your ‘niche research’ as well as their Best Performing Posts to get an idea of what that might look like.

Unlike YouTube that has an algorithm and search function, which regularly makes even older videos receive lots of views and go viral, Instagram needs a constant stream of new content to grow your account.

Your Instagram posts receive about 98% of their total engagement within the first 48 hours of uploading.

After that the post is basically dead as far as new engagement and increasing your followers goes.

Still, posting is the #1 method for getting new followers, so an easy way of increasing your followers is simply by posting more!

And it’s easy to see why:

If one post brings you x amount of followers, then 2 posts will bring you 2x the amount of followers.

Simple math!

How often should you post on your account?

If you are serious about growing your account, at least once a day is a MUST for you – perhaps even twice a day or three times a day.

More often than that is likely to start annoying your followers a little, but it all depends on the niche you’re in – check how often other successful accounts in your niche post.

That said, I understand some individuals or businesses might not be able to or even want to post that many times a day – and that’s fine.

You can certainly go by with posting less than once a day – just don’t expect to get the fastest Instagram growth possible if you do so.

In the end, it’s about the growth YOU want, and there are many more methods besides posting to increase your followers.

2) Growth method #2: Leave polarizing comments on big accounts’ posts (in your niche)

With this growth strategy the goal is to occupy all the limelight within the comment section of a popular post inside your niche.

You want to get as many likes on your comment as possible, which will rank your comment to the top of the comment section – giving it a lot of exposure.


Regardless of how many followers you have, everybody has the same shot at getting many likes on comments!

The only thing this comment example above is lacking is a clear incentive to check out the account:

Because the personal story is missing, I can’t relate and connect on a deeper level.

So when you drop these sorts of comments I recommend you make it personal, relatable and memorable!

The likes will have people intrigued and they’ll check out your profile to see what you’re all about.

The result: Many more followers.

Don’t be afraid to be polarizing with your comments, but don’t be condescending, negative or disrespectful.

3) Growth method #3: Follow & Unfollow the “hardcore” audience in your niche

Follow & unfollow has a bit of a bad rep, because it’s seen as not very sincere, but as far as reaching your first 1k followers goes, it’s still one of the most powerful methods you can employ.

To boost its effectiveness even further, we’re only going to do it on people who are very likely to follow back.

You can find these targets the following way:

Search for popular accounts in your niche, and seek out posts from these accounts that underperformed (meaning far less likes than their average post).

The reason you want to seek out these underperforming posts (I also call them WPPs, for Worst Performing Posts) is that whoever engaged on it is likely to belong to the “hardcore” following of your niche.

Here’s why:

Engagement on a post is structured like an onion – as soon as it’s posted the most engaged followers will see this post. Depending on the level of their engagement, the algorithm decides whether it should show this post to people who are not as “hardcore” or consistently engaged as these people, and so on.

The more likes a post has compared to the average likes of an account, the more layers the “engagement-onion” has, and the more casual the overall audience that engaged with it.

If a post has only very few likes compared to the average on an account, its “likers” tend to be hardcore followers of this account – and thus your niche!

The rest is simple:

When you see such a WPP, simply check who’s liked and start following these people. They’re the right target audience to follow.

See here

After about a week, unfollow them again.

When you do these methods, make sure you don’t exceed Instagram Action Limits !

Use this knowledge to get to 1K followers quickly!

Hope you find that helpful in growing a strong social following & making a fortune from your business!



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