Best SKU syncing solution between physical stores, shopify website, and ebay : ecommerce



We’re looking to make a shopify website for our clothing store. We will also be selling on ebay (the listings between shopify and ebay won’t match exactly, ebay listings will combine lots of shopify listings into smaller ones – so SKUs will match).

We don’t have a barcode system installed currently as we use a manual entry payment system in our store. We’re looking for a system to sync our inventory across all 3 platforms.

We’ve come across systems that link shopify and ebay listings via SKUs, and they integrate with shopify’s own POS system (such as Linnworks or Trunk).

We’ve also seen inventory management systems that have a POS solution themselves and so it’s not necessary to get Shopify’s POS system (such as Cin7 or Cloud Commerce Pro).

We’re not sure which direction to go in as this is all new to us. Any recommendations?


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