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Yo! So I’ve been trying everything to find a solution to the Google Merchant Center account suspension because of “misrepresentation”.

I recently posted something about this earlier today seeing if anybody has any tips, but when I went back to researching the issue, I may have had a little breakthrough as to why this is happening…

But I can’t find where to put the last piece of the puzzle together so that’s why I’m coming here to see if anyone could help me connect the final dots.

Let me give some background of my issue first.

So basically, I’ve been suspended on like 4-5 different stores for the same reason: “misrepresentation”. It has been a total pain in the ass, but since it’s an automation issue, I figured there’s gotta be a solution for it.

On one of the 4 stores, I woke up one morning to get an email saying “Your requested review has been complete” It honestly had me thinking “Here we go again…it’s just gonna say the same misrepresentation BS” But to my surprise, it left that piece of information out of the email, so I rushed to my computer and saw that my account was unsuspended, and my products later got approved and I’m now selling one product consistently through Google Shopping!

So fast forward to my breakthrough. So literally 10 minutes ago, I was cross-checking my other suspended stores to the one that got unsuspended in hopes of finding something that stuck out as different and could potentially be the reason.

But I couldn’t find anything…until I saw something that had to do with the checkout/customer page.

So if you guys don’t know, Google uses a bot named “John Smith” to go through the checkout process to make sure it complies with Merchant Center policies.

This bot, “John Smith” only appeared under my Shopify “customers” list on the store that got unsuspended and wasn’t on any other of my suspended stores.

And here’s where it gets pretty interesting…the bot went through my checkout process at around 10:53 am. The email that was sent to me that one morning saying the review has been completed and that I was unsuspended was sent at 10:55 am, 2 minutes later.

So this clearly means that this “John Smith” auto-bot part of the merchant center verification process is the final step in determining whether or not your account gets suspended.

Now..this is where I am a bit stuck.

It’s obviously very good to know everything I just stated, but the issue seems to be the fact that this John Smith bot is not successfully going through the checkout process on some stores, therefore resulting in their suspension for “misrepresentation”.

So…any ideas as to why there is a clear inconsistency in this part of the process?

If we can figure that out, we’d be golden.


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