Hey everyone! I’m brand new to this subreddit and I just wanted to get your opinions on my first ever attempt at making a Shopify drop shipping website! : ecommerce


This is my first drop shipping website I’ve ever made I know for a fact theirs a lot I could improve on and I’d love your opinions on it.

I’m drop shipping face masks I tried to go for the “luxury” angle but judging based on my ad performance and the Shopify analytics It’s kind of a fail, its all good tho because I learned a lot building the website, connecting Dsers (Aliexpress plugin) and learning abit about Facebook marketing.

As for the analytics, so the ad campaign was really low budget ($40) cos kind of skint aha (it izz what it izz) So far fb has only used $10 of it but I paused it before because I wanted to get some opinions on the advert before I spend more on it.

Facebook Analytics:

  • Reach: 900

  • Post Engagement: 632

  • Link Clicks: 14

Shopify Analytics:

  • Total Sales: 0 (oof)

  • Total Store Sessions: 4

  • Everything else is 0

I know its super amateur and I appreciate your patience here’s the link to the advert I posted on fb and my shopify store. (be brutally honest I want to learn!)

(turn volume down before clicking) FB Advert: https://www.facebook.com/620794785404096/videos/1200293367044558

Shopify Store: https://purposemask.com.au/


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