Got hired for an ecommerce job im not very qualified for


In summary, I was applying for a job listing (a digital marketing position) posted by my university for a retail company and wasn't really expecting anything as I felt I was extremely underqualified, I ended up getting an interview after some back and forth emails and the lady who did the interview with me really liked me, so I went for a second interview where she asked about my experience with shopify. I helped a friend run his shopify store for a bit back in highschool but I exaggerated everything and didnt think much of it. I got a job offer as an e commerce specialist (shopify) instead it turns they really want a shopify expert, I accepted the job offer but I dont know anything about shopify really and need to learn as much as I can in a week, I wish I never got this job or I got the original position but it is what it is now is there anyway I could learn enough to run a store and update product listings etc. in a week? any sources you would recommend? Im guessing youtube is a good place to go for this.

Thank you for any advice

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