Making the Switch from Weebly to Shopify : ecommerce



I am looking for some advice about making the switch from my current eCommerce platform – Weebly – to Shopify. I’ve been using Weebly for almost exactly 2 years and am pretty comfortable with the system however I feel that they do not offer all the tools I’d like going forward. I fulfilled approximately 550 orders in 2020 and am on track to far exceed that number in 2021 (440 in the last 31 days).

The majority of my products fit in an envelope and can be shipped with a stamp however I’d like all of my shipments to be trackable and in turn using a sturdier shipping option over the cheaper envelopes. From what I can tell Weebly does not offer an option to auto-generate shipping labels that will print on their own with a packing list. My understanding is that Shopify along with an additional program makes this possible. I currently sell approximately 14-20 different products.

Has anyone had to make this switch? Anyone with similar circumstances that could offer their input would be greatly appreciated.

I think I would like to keep my Weebly site and just navigate shoppers to the Shopify storefront… thoughts?


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