I have a custom built website that was coded in html and css for my business that sells 10 unique products. I was using Cognito Forms.com for a shopping page but I am now considering snipcart or Ecwid instead. Any knowledge of which of these programs would work best? : ecommerce


I have a website that sells 10 varieties of gourmet caramel corn. I want to add a simple checkout page but I also want to be able to add items to cart from the home page. I was using cognitoforms.com but felt that the price was too high for the lack of features.

I looked into several options. Here is my thinking on those.

Squarespace, shopify, and other website builders – I prefer to have total control over my website and don’t like that I have to use their website builder and host my page on their site.

Opencart, zencart, wordpress, etc – I prefer to code my own website and don’t like the CMS systems. I find that they are not very customizable and sometimes difficult to make sure everything is secure. I don’t want the responsibility of storing customer info on my backend.

Shopify, Square, PayPal, Stripe api’s or “buy now” button. These methods only allowed 1 product to be purchased at a time OR they had api’s that seemed very complicated to implement through a lot of coding on my website.

I liked that snipcart and Ecwid seemed to allow me to put a “add to cart” button on my home page and still have a checkout page that could contain multiple products. I also like that it seems to take very limited coding. (Basically adding html code snips).

I was wondering if anyone has ran into this issue and looked into other options or has experience with snipcart or Ecwid?

Thanks in advance!


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