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Hi everyone. I posted a couple of threads in the r/shopify subreddit but didn’t get much out of it so figured I would try here. We sell unique products for which we like to include a unique “details” section below the product image and description fold that talks about how the product was made, its unique details, etc. Each product is unique and being able to include a unique details layer for each product (of which we have 200+) is important to us and our unique selling proposition / marketing.

We’re currently able to do this using Divi on Woo but have been a little disappointed and frustrated with constant updates on the Woo platform, so we want to switch over to Shopify for a change. However, I have struggled to find themes on the Shopify store or Out of the Sandbox that have this capability. Out of the Sandbox has a theme called Flex that lets you create custom product.details layers but only up to 10; any more than 10 causes the theme to fail. I’m not sure if we need to just look for a developer for a custom solution here but wondering if anyone here knows of a semi-out-of-the-box solution we can try first.

Thank you!


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