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Looking for a buyer for my dropshipping store.


Launched November 27. 2020. First 7 days revenue: 6,344 dollars. 25% profit margin when including ads cost, processing fees & product cost, resulting in 100 orders.

December 5 2020: My facebook ad account got restricted due to failed payment. I used a visa card for the payments, which had a limitation to how much I could spend on foreign websites (this is something my bank does to prevent fraud and the alike), and that included Facebook ad payment unfortunately. I tried to explain to Facebook that money was not the problem, but they didn’t care.

Fast forward to Janurary 2021. I opened another ad account under a different business manager. Secured the payment with a mastercard instead (no restrictions), and there hasnt been a problem with facebook ads ever since.

Januray 10 2021, start of new ads account. Went slowly, didnt scale as aggresivly as december. Janurary 10 – Janurary 23 2021 – revenue: 1,843 dollars. 20% profit margin resulting in 22 orders.

Some stats:

  • Total revenue last 60 days: 8,099 dollars – 24% profit margin – 122 orders.

    • PLEASE READ: I’ve used the same Shopify subscription for 2 previous stores to avoid paying double fee, which means my revenue is spread across a 12 month period in the exchange marketplace listing instead of 2 months.

  • Total days of active advertising: 20

  • Online store sessions last 60 days: 6,229

  • Total ads cost: 2,100 dollars

  • Average order value: 71 dollars

  • Total social media followers: 1100

Whats included in the purchase?

Everything from domain, logo, graphics, advertisement graphics, website content to Facebook ads account, google analytics, facebook page & instagram page.

I’m here to sell the whole store, which means everything linked to it and its running

For those of you who are interested, here is a link to exchange place:


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