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Hi. I am a designer/retailer of niche apparel. We have been in business for over 20 years, online as our main sale arena for over ten. I am not very sophisticated at online marketing, like is said, I am a designer first, writer second, marketer far distant third. Email has always been our best bet. People like the way we do it, which is a 500 word story only vaguely related to product, and we get around 30-35% opening rate from our 11000 strong database. About 18 months ago we shifted to Shopify from Magento, on the whole a really great move. We started using Mailchimp for email, shifting from iContact at the same time as we moved to Shopify. With COVID and a few other things 2020 was ‘interesting’. We are sort of restarting our business with a new shipping setup, and I find Mailchimp to be too pricey so I have been trying to get Shopify email marketing to work. It is ok, but I am having seven kinds of trouble trying to upload and maintain my email contact lists. It is really weird, I can’t figure out what is going on. I upload a list, it reports as correctly uploaded, then a couple of hours later most of the contacts have disappeared. My question for the group: any recommendations for a solid email marketing platform as an alternative to Mailchimp? I will go back there if I have to but in this particular period I am trying to run pretty lean. Thanks.


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