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A couple of weeks back I was looking for entomology wall prints for my new studio because I’m really interested in that subject and have as a hobby. But having found none in the style I wanted, I made my own. Having come from a design background I think they look really polished and desirable. So I thought that there might be others looking for something like this is the entomology community – and that I could try starting a business off it.

The main thing from the start of this venture, that I was asking myself, was if 500 global monthly searches volume is enough to enable the business to have enough demand. Or was it over before it even began? Do people have to explicitly be searching for what they want for them to buy? Is that the main factor before anything else that determines if there will be sales, or not? Can a brand and product make them want it if it’s really cool and interesting, or does there have to be an existing need- period?

I’ve managed to get 110 people on the site. I think that the traffic was also fairly focused and targeted. Both from FB ads and from Adwords.

So what I’m looking to understand is if the fault is: a) me. or – b) the overall product demand.

I think that the site is nicely presented and has good UX, along with a cohesive brand behind it. This makes me feel inclined to think that no amount of effort will actually result in sales, since there is no need from the audience.

It’s quite interesting though, as I’ve read a success story on Reddit with a person similar to me who started selling space related posters, with a shopify template, and got his first sales by just posting in fb groups and selling public domain slapped-on-paper NASA images. Which are actually everywhere. (amazon, ebay, etsy…) – I at least think I have something unique and designed, with a better brand/website.

Launched an online store in one weekend (selling posters) from Entrepreneur


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