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I’ve been asked to provide a quote for a productised e-commerce SEO service that focuses on shopping feeds. I’m fairly new to freelancing and mostly worked in an agency set up before. If the agency approves my offer, they will throw all their e-commerce shopping feed work to me. Please tell me what if I missed any items or whether I am revealing too much of my workflow. Thanks

Client Requirements

  1. Google Analytics access

  2. Client provided Gmail address

  3. Access to the staging site. If the website is live, clients must declare that a full backup is made before anywhere work commences.

Step One – Google Search Console

  1. Sign up and verify the store website in Google Search Console

  2. Add store XML sitemap

  3. Submit crawl request for the home page

Step 2 – Audit website for Feed export issues

  1. Compliance with minimum and maximum image size rules

  2. Ensure no text or watermarks on images, check for broken URLs, and generic images

  3. Ensure all images provide an unobstructed view of the product

  4. Secure URL’s are used and complies with Internet standards track protocols RFC 2396 or RFC 1738

  5. No prices are missing

  6. Correct currency is used

Step 3 – Enabling Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking

Google Analytics

Enable Enhanced Ecommerce + reporting in Google Analytics


  1. Add Data layer script to the thank you page to pass transaction information such as product info, price and quantity to Google Tag Manager.

  2. Create a trigger for custom transaction event defined in the data layer

  3. Add transaction even tag to fire when a transaction event is triggered.

  4. Test with Paypal developer account in sandbox mode

Step 4 – Create shopping feeds per platform requirements

Free Listings Google Merchant Center

  1. Shopify – automatically syncs your products and relevant information about your Shopify store with the Google Merchant Center.

  2. Woocommerce requires an additional plugin to generate a shopping feed.

  3. Magento requires the installation of additional extensions

In this part of the project, all extensions and plugins will be installed and tested

Step 5 – Set up customer Google Merchant Center Account

Client to supply the following information:

  1. The service area for shipping – here the products are purchased and delivered.

  2. Shipping rates

  3. Currency for shipping rates

  4. Order cutoff time – At what time in the day must an order be placed to commence processing?

  5. Handling time in business days – How long, in days does your business require to process an order?

  6. Transit Time – How long will it take for an order to reach a customer once it’s been shipped.

In this service, the client’s Google Merchant Center Account will be created with the client’s provided Gmail account, product feeds will be imported from the website to the Google Merchant Center and organic product listings will be enabled.

Step 6 Structured Data

Our setup includes Organic Product listings and Google Shopping. Once Google processes your store’s feed, they cross-check the information in the feed against the product pages to verify that the product data is accurate. This includes looking at both the visible product page content, but also at “hidden” structured data markup (also referred to as “schema” markup) that embeds product information in the source of your product pages.

Woocommerce – Structured Data for Woocommerce is generated automatically by the core WooCommerce platform, and the Google Product Feed enriches it with product-feed specific information where relevant.

Magento – requires an extension to enable structured data for products.

Shopify – Shopify automatically applies structured data to product and blog post pages

Our service includes testing a sample size of ten per cent of product pages for errors in Google’s Structured data / rich snippets testing tools for errors. In the case of Magento, the required extensions will be installed.


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