To Shopify or not to Shopify, that is the question. : ecommerce


Hello guys, just looking for a bit of advice on wether or not to use Shopify for one of my new ecommerce businesses. I am starting a supplement business in the UK and would like to support a subscription service, an affiliate/ambassador programme as well as the standard sales model. I like Shopify however am apprehensive when it comes to the add ons (can cost a lot extra for some features) as well as the 2% service fee.

Would anyone be able to recommend another service to host my shop or would any one be able to vouch for Shopify. I’m not against Shopify as it is an amazing platform, just wondering if anyone could recommend a better one. I have looked at Shop wired but don’t know if it’s that good. Also Wix but I think it’s features are slightly basic.

Thanks for any advice 🙂


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