How to track AE suppliers with the quickest shipping times? : ecommerce


So I’ve now got my Shopify store ( Camping/hiking niche) set up with all the items listed and now ready for the store to be launched, however I’ve been thinking a lot on a certain topic the past few days now.

Although all the products I have listed have many reviews and are from top sellers on Ali Express, the shipping times to the UK ( I’m based in UK so I try base it on this) are 20-40 days. I know that if I ordered from a store and it took up to 40 days to arrive I would be raging so what’s the best way to track down suppliers on Ali Express with the best shipping times. Is there any specific words or options you can search for to find effective shipping times? Any advise would be highly appreciated!!

P.S – I understand majority of my customers will be from the US however I understand there will be a percentage from other countries and as I’m from the UK I try base it off this.


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