Shopify Advanced Inventory Management – Need Advice : ecommerce


I have been looking for a solution for my inventory outside of excel sheets and trying to build something within shopify seems like the most effective method, since most of the inventory changes will be recorded automatically and would save me a bunch of manual work.

My main concern is that I want to manage my packaging within shopify as well. So I thought of adding my packaging as unlisted products on shopify and bundling them with the products they are associated to. For example, each of my orders go in a bubble-wrap envelope, and each of my earrings go in an earrings box. I want to create bundles in the backend that will -1 an envelope with each order and also -1 an earring box if somebody orders an earring. Is this all possible to manage within Shopify without anything showing up of the front end? Meaning my customer doesn’t see envelopes and earring boxes being added to their cart or anything like that?

Another issue is with actual bundle packs. I don’t know how to handle a situation where I am selling 3 varieties of skin creams and also offering a bundle variant. How do I let shopify know the relationship between these inventory items? For example, when somebody purchases the bundle variant, shopify should -1 each of the 3 variants. The bundle stock should also depends on how many of each of the 3 variants are in stock.

Has anyone dealt with these issues before and has a solution or an app they could recommend? Would really appreciate it!


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