Moved my website from GWB to Shopify. Pheww : ecommerce


Hey guys,

For those who may be using Godaddy Website Builder, here is my opinion about it.

I decided to give it a try when I launched my new company (2 months ago). Most of my business was supposed to be B2B. It turned out B2C is making an impact to our sales.

Constant website crashes, very limited design options and terrible phone app to check on sales were getting on my nerves. I am somewhat familiar with Shopify. I wanted to give it a try with 14 days trial. Account created, details added, it came to uploading products. It shouldn’t be hard. Just download a csv file of your products and move them right? NOPE. GWB doesn’t let you download your products. Let me say that again, you can not export your product details! It is ECOM101. You need to be able to export them! I reached out to Godaddy support for help. Support person sent me a link to solution for my problem to a link, where the same question is asked. In that link, answer is, “no, you can not export product data”. That was it for me. I just got the Shopify going, added all my products manually and nope the f out of there.

I am not saying don’t use GWB or anything. It just didn’t work for me for the reasons above. It may work for you but, I wanted to give heads up to those of you who may be thinking of using GWB.

Here is the website i moved. I will appreciate any feedback or recommendations you may have. Thank you.


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