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I’m using Printify through Shopify and getting all my designs onto an assortment of products and all that good stuff. One thing I’m having trouble deciding on is proper sizing of my designs on things like Tshirts.

I decided to measure the width of some of my favorite tshirts and on my XL shirts, I’m seeing designs about 11-ish inches across, give or take up to an inch. Is that a good rule of thumb to use in the preview? See, on the screen it looks pretty small, but of course the front of the shirt narrows when it’s actually on your body. I think that part may be more of an optical illusion in a way.

I’m aiming for about 11.5″ or so, and since my designs have a little extra space on the sides, I’m sizing to more like 12″ across to allow for it to be about 11″ to 11.5″ on the final product. I assume if it’s sized that way for the supplier, that they’re obviously not going to scale it up or down for each size, so I figured ~11.5″ or so was a good rule of thumb for all sizes. Although that may be too damn small for something like a 5XL…

Am I just overthinking? I’m a little OCD with this kind of thing and I just don’t want to screw up, you know what I mean?


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