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Hi, I’m setting up a website for my editing business and my pricing will be variable based on the number of words that someone would like to be edited. I’d like to have a field where the customer can enter the number of words and it’ll then calculate the price for them, which they can add to their cart and pay upon checkout. Similar to how this company’s website looks (there’s an annoying window that pops up asking for your email etc. but it should go away if you hit the back button on your browser).

Ideally I’d also be able to change the price according to how soon they want their edits (ex. by the next day would be more expensive than by the next week). Does anyone know of an ecommerce platform that would allow me to set variable pricing as described? Thanks!

Edit: In case anyone in the future finds this and is also wondering – I found a bit of a way around this: On Shopify, I set the price to be the price I wanted to charge per word and then edited the heading “Quantity” to say “Number of words.” Seems to be working well!


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