E-commerce clothing retail business model : ecommerce


Im wanting to get started out selling clothing from my own shopify or similar store but don’t have a ton of money for startup costs.

It’d be fantastic if I could find a model that allows me to go straight through an apparel distributor (foreign or other) where I can essentially have the items from the distributor be shown through my store and have that company or a 3rd party deliver those items as well through DHL or Fedex, just charging my own markup at checkout once I find a pct. that will allow me to make money after cost of buying item from distributor, shipping, packaging etc.

I can’t really afford to buy thousands of items of clothing, even at discount prices. Is the above situation attainable? Please go easy on me for the naivety, i’m very new to ecommerce and online business.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated.


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