AppJetty Zipcode Validator for Shopify: To Enhance Deliveries


Out of a number of factors that enhance customers’ delivery experience, zip code validation is an important factor. You may have visited several e-commerce sites and checked for the product deliverability by entering your zip code. Amazon, eBay, and all other major e-retail sites offer zipcode-based validation to their customers.

Its biggest advantage is that customers know whether a product is deliverable or not to their address. This helps avoid any further back and forth to inform customers about non-deliverability.

So, if you are also a Shopify store owner looking to offer Shopify zip code validation, our AppJetty Zipcode Validator can be an ideal fit. It helps customers check for product availability at their location by entering zip codes and enhances their shopping experience.

It has got a number of engaging features that help increase customers’ retention and boost sales.

Keep reading to find out the remarkable features that can fit all your requirements from an ideal zip code validator app.

Zip Code-Based Availability Check

AppJetty Zipcode Validator enables customers to check for the availability of a product for delivery to their address via zip codes. This feature eliminates the possibility of any confusion or miscommunication later.

It also enhances transparency of a business as there is no need for any enquiries or customer support later. Customers don’t place the orders for non-deliverable products and there are no issues like manual enquiries or order cancellations later.

Shipping Rates as Per Zip Codes

Delivery rates may differ depending on various factors like distance, region, dimensional weight, etc. If a customer knows the delivery charge for a product delivery, they can decide to check out or opt out accordingly.

Our Zip Code Validator for Shopify enables the store admin to configure and display different delivery rates for different locations to customers. Further, customers can also see the delivery charges based on the shipping method they pick.

This way, they get full clarity of all the shipping costs and can take the right decision accordingly.
It also helps increase transparency and customers’ trust.

Whitelist/Blacklist Zip Codes

The store admin can whitelist or blacklist zip codes based on deliverability of individual products to those zip codes. While a particular product is deliverable in whitelisted zip codes, it may not be deliverable in blacklisted zip codes.

By segregating zip codes, they can manage deliveries better and restrict customers from blacklisted zones from placing orders via Zipcode Validator for Shopify.

Shopify Zip Code Validation Widget Customization

The store admin can also choose to customize the Shopify zip code validation widget to engage customers better. They can also preview it before making it live to change it if need be.

They can change the color and text of both Shopify zip code validation labels and buttons to enhance their look and feel and match them with the store theme.

Custom Delivery/Unavailability Messages

The store owner can also customize and preview the delivery availability/unavailability message preview before displaying it to customers. This helps simplify Shopify zip code validation for customers through a simple message for them to read.

Restriction of Product Addition to Cart Page

Enabling this option can help restrict the addition of products that are not deliverable to specific zip codes to the cart page. This helps avoid any further issues like cancellations after checkout.

Specification of Zip Code Rules

The store owner can add the list of zip codes for Shopify zip code validation in more than one way.

They can add only one zip code at a time if they have a small store but sporadic deliverable areas. They can also add a full range of zip codes if the deliverable area is large. They can import a CSV file with all the pin codes as well.

In addition, they can also edit and delete post code rules for any product in real-time as per requirements.

Defining Zip Code Restriction Rule

The store owner can define zip code restriction rules for Shopify Zip Code Validation. With this, they can manage deliveries of essential and non-essential items to different regions. It proves to be more useful especially in situations during the Covid prevailing these days. They can apply the rules on a particular product, a particular category/collection of products, or all the products in the store.

Further, they can also set four priority levels (Low, Medium, High, Very High) for zip codes that lie in both blacklisted and whitelisted zip codes.

Following is an example to help you understand it better:

Suppose a customer from a blacklisted zip code area orders an essential product. And the other customer from the same area orders a non-essential product. The store admin can set the priority “high” for the essential product.

Display of Estimated Delivery Time

Giving a clear estimate of the delivery time or day to a customer helps make their choice easier. Zipcode Validator for Shopify enables the store owners to display the estimated delivery date and time to customers for better transparency and sales.

Compatibility with AppJetty Delivery Date Manager

Our Shopify Zip Code Validator is fully compatible with our other product – AppJetty Delivery Date Manage. It can thus allow the store owner to let customers pick a delivery date and time slot of their preference and boost their chances of conversion.

Final Words

So, you have already seen that zip code validation is an essential feature for better engagement and sales. This is the reason why you should offer it to your customers. If you want to give your customers the freedom to check for the product availability, you can check out our feature-rich AppJetty Zip Code Validator for Shopify.

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