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Shopify has emerged as a popular choice among e-commerce businesses due to features like security, user-friendliness, mobile responsiveness, and more. If you are an e-commerce retailer, you must be well aware of the importance of the ‘delivery’ process. If you focus on all other aspects right from quality to inventory management to customer service, but miss out on delivery management; you are likely to suffer a ‘big’ loss.

So, if you are also a Shopify e-store owner and looking to streamline your Shopify delivery date management and other delivery operations; our latest Delivery Date Manager can come in handy.

Let’s walk you through all the cutting-edge features AppJetty’s Delivery Date Manager provides that make it a go-to app for order management:

Freedom to Select Date and Time

By integrating this Shopify delivery date app with your e-store; you can enable your customers to choose a delivery date and time slot of their choice from the delivery date picker on your cart page or product pages. This way, when they get to decide on their delivery date and time slot themselves, it would help enhance their shopping experience.

Easy Delivery Configurations

You can also specify order processing time (the minimum time or number of days it takes to process an order) to display to customers from your store backend. Further, you can also specify the maximum number of orders to be taken in two ways –

  • ▼ For a full business day
  • ▼ For predefined time slots on each business day

Display Working and Non-Working (Blackout) Days and Time-Slots

You can add all the blackout days (non-business days or public holidays) and non-operative time-slots for each day to show to customers from your store backend. When customers have an exact idea about your working and non-working days and time-slots; it would enhance transparency and order delivery issues like late deliveries would lessen.

Restriction of Delivery Period

With AppJetty Delivery Date Manager, you can specify a range of delivery dates available to choose a suitable delivery date for customers. This implies that customers cannot choose a delivery date beyond the range you have specified.

Specification of Cut-Off Time

Defining cut-off time is important to restrict the number of orders pouring in on a given day.
You can define cut-off time for a particular day beyond which all orders placed will be considered as orders placed on the next day. This will help you prevent overflow of orders and you can manage them more efficiently.

Customization of Delivery Date Picker

By enabling you to customize the color and font of the delivery date picker, AppJetty Delivery Date Manager helps you make it appealing and engaging to customers. You can also preview the delivery date picker once you have customized it to confirm if it looks fine.

Delivery Comments

Personalization of shopping experience crucial to winning customers’ engagement. Through our delivery date app, you can let your customers add delivery comments (like ‘Deliver before 12, Give a call first at doorstep, etc.) or notes before they check out and personalize their shopping experience.

No-Contact Delivery/Zero-Contact Delivery

All big e-commerce giants like Amazon have started offering Zero-Contact delivery to customers to ensure their safety. You can also offer the freedom to choose the ‘No-Contact’ delivery option on the cart page to your customers following the current norms and regulations of safety.

Delivery Calendar View

You can view order listings for the full month in a comprehensible calendar view that AppJetty Delivery Date Manager provides. You can also change the status to ‘Delivered’ for all the orders fulfilled right from within the calendar. Further, you can add delivery date and time alongside statuses as tags to the order list.

Compatibility with Shopify Point of Sale

Even if you don’t have your storefront; you can assign the delivery date of your preference to each order from within our Shopify delivery date app owing to its compatibility with the POS app by Shopify.

Update Delivery Dates

As an admin, you can update delivery dates your customers select (if need be) right from your store backend and inform about the update to customers to ensure hassle-free order management.

Ready to Streamline Your Shopify Delivery Operations?

Ensuring a smooth delivery management process is a must to win customers’ trust and loyalty. If you too are a Shopify store owner looking for an app that can take proper care of your delivery operations; our AppJetty Delivery Date Manager is a perfect fit for you.

To know pricing details and more or integrate it with your Shopify store, drop us a line at [email protected] and our sales team will revert to you within 24 hours.

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