Need some help so please provide me with some tips and tricks! : ecommerce


Possibly 3 friends and me want to get into this. We are students (three of us business engineering) and 1 of us law. In the apartment we rent, we already have 1 student that does dropshipping. But too be honest it’s kinda scammy. He sells his products for an insanely high price and it’s low quality anyway.

We are being educated in ICT. So databases, HTML, … But obviously also economics, accountancy, … So therefore some questions:

– Is it worth using shopify? It will be pricy so our products would already have to be overpriced. Do you think it’s managable to just buy a domain and create your own website?

– We would also like to cut costs by having some sort of inventory. But we don’t want to have boxes and boxes left that don’t get sold. Would you advice for or against inventory? If you don’t have inventory, how do you get delivery time low enough? And do you get it delivered to your house first before repackaging and sending to a customer? How do you make sure the customer doesn’t get a package with chinese letters?

– Where do you find high-quality products?

– How would you advertise? Would you use facebook advertising? Or buy a post on a big instagram page?

– How do you add value? For example: short delivery time, nice packaging, combination of items, something homemade, …

– How much money would you take to begin with? This is our plan: 1 of us is good in filmmaking, so naturally he would do the marketing and making of trending videos, maintaining of social media pages 1 of us can built out the website but I think it’s difficult to create the entire payment system, review system, … 1 of us can look for new products, and be the CEO/CFO. 1 of us can make sure everything is according to the law.


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