Elavon Payment Extension for Magento 2 PWA to ease online payments

Elavon payment extension is a very popular payment extension for Magento 2 websites. With the advent of Magento PWA Studio, it is very obvious to develop the Elavon payment extension for Magento 2 PWA for compatibility and effectiveness.

Elavon is a popular online payment service based in Canada and works in many other countries. It gives a very secure payment gateway without compromising with ease of use and flexibility. This is indeed the reason why it is perfectly suited for eCommerce. 

Why use Elavon payment extension for Magento 2 PWA?

Elavon payment extension was available for Magento 2 PWA. This will let eCommerce stores accept payments online without any qualms about the security of online transactions. Elavon payment module enables merchants to access Elavon user-profiles and pay through it.

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Ensures data safety & security

Sensitive customer data is never stored on a Magento PWA theme. It enables a secure payment capability for transactions to reduce the data breach. It uses the Elavon Payment API that is PCI SAQ A compatible.

Supports multiple currencies

It supports more than 15 currencies. Multiple currency conversion can help reduce currency confusion, which improves customer satisfaction and reduces cart abandonment.

Easy to set up & configure 

Elavon Payment module can be easily configured for Magento 2 PWA theme. There is an easy set-up which is accustomed to meet the expectations of your eCommerce website. So you don’t need to be a learned professional to set-up the Elavon payment extension, anybody can do it

Features of the Elavon payment module

Elavon Payment module provides the following functionality

  1. Fully PCI Compliant Hosted Payment Page integration.
  2. Dynamic Currency Conversion support with the Hosted Payment Page.
  3. Supports the following credit and debit cards: Visa, Visa Debit, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, 3V Visa, Diners, Maestro International etc
  4. Multi-store, multi-currency and multi-accounts support
  5. Provides transaction management from Magento Admin
  6. Authorize and Capture payments (customer’s payment will be immediately captured) or Authorize Only online payments (in case of additional stock or payment verifications should be performed)
  7. Supports partial Invoices (also known as Multi Settlement) and partial Credit Memos (Refunds)
  8. Supports creation of orders and capturing payments from Magento Admin using Elavon Payment, also known as direct orders.
  9. You can find authorization information of the transactions by visiting the view order page.
  10. Managing and reporting business transactions is a lot easier if you get everything relevant together in one place. The complete details of a report can be You can also get the detailed reports in CSV and Excel formats too whenever you want. It just takes a few seconds within a few seconds.

Concluding remarks

Elavon fully integrates with your eCommerce website for swift payments and seamless purchase experience. Elavon payment module is a mobile-friendly and cost-effective solution. eCommerce websites are always looking for tools to engage customers and increase their sales.

Elavon Payment Extension not only helps merchants but also gives users an easy and convenient method to pay for shopping. It is equipped enough to receive different types of credit and debit cards, internet banking and various others providing customers with more payment options. This always helps eCommerce to increase your conversion rates.

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