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Note: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Rewind.

What would you do in the event that your product listings, blog posts, and store’s data was entirely deleted right now? It may seem like a far-fetched notion, but this is a plausible crisis that could potentially threaten not only your store but ultimately, your livelihood. If your store is set up with Shopify or BigCommerce, you may think an event like this wouldn’t impact you as you could just contact customer services and have your website restored, right? Wrong.

Shopify and BigCommerce do, in fact, back up their respective platforms, but these backups are only to be used in case of a disaster on their end and aren’t available to be used for individual store restoration. What this means is that if you accidentally or purposefully delete some or all of your store’s data, they can’t do anything to help you. Nothing.

This Rewind app review will help you prepare for a potential crisis of deleted information or data from your ecommerce store so you can get it back up and running smoothly without much time, effort, or hassle on your part. These preventative measures are important to be aware of and acted on now before you actually need them because it’ll be too late by then.

Let’s dive into this Rewind app review to find out what the Rewind app can do for your ecommerce store.

What the Rewind App Does

Rewind Homepage

Rewind helps secure data for online businesses of any size so they can restore their important information in the unfortunate event that anything gets lost or deleted. With the Rewind app, you can quite literally rewind your store to a specific date and time to recover any information that may have been lost, deleted, or changed. Rewind recognize how agonizing it can be for any kind of data or information to be deleted, whether it’s product listings, blog posts, images, themes, etc. so their app helps store owners protect their assets and their livelihood easily and efficiently so no one mistake can cost them their whole store.

Here are six instances where backups from Rewind could help save your store:

  • When you’re editing or modifying your theme’s code yourself and make unwanted and irreversible changes.
  • If you install an app that conflicts with other areas of your store and data is altered or completely wiped.
  • In the event that you have a disgruntled employee make malicious or unauthorized changes to your store.
  • If you hire freelancers or contractors to work on your store that have permission to edit and make changes on the backend of things.
  • If you run multiple stores online and are constantly making time-consuming changes and updates to each store.
  • If you accidentally make a mistake like clicking the wrong button, not saving changes properly, removing the wrong code, or even deleting an entire group or collection of items whether it’s to do with your theme, product listings, webpages, blog, or your entire store.

Rewind helps to protect you from making mistakes that could result in spending hours and hours of time to repair, and from the costs associated with hiring professional help to put things back together again after you’ve made an irreversible mistake. Read more about why backing up your ecommerce store is so important here.

One of Rewind’s biggest advantages is that they focus on making the process of restoring any lost or deleted data as easy and stress-free as possible. Without an app like Rewind, you put yourself at risk of spending precious time fixing every little minor mistake or, worst-case scenario, not being able to reverse major ones. With the Rewind app, however, you can simply undo any action, no matter how major or minor it is, and get back to doing what you do best: Building, launching, and growing your ecommerce business.

Check out this short video to get a glimpse into how easy it is to use Rewind to restore any unwanted changes on your store:

Who the Rewind App is For

The Rewind app is for every ecommerce business owner. If your website is live, you’re selling products, serving customers, and making sales then you need the Rewind app integrated into your ecommerce store as a safety measure to protect the health and longevity of your store’s data and information.

Don’t kid yourself into thinking that mistakes won’t happen to your store; It’s not always possible to prevent disasters. It is, however, possible to protect yourself in case they do happen. We’ve always advised entrepreneurs to be mindful of backing up their important data for this exact reason, as we discussed thoroughly in our How to Bulletproof Your Online Business article.

Save yourself from potential future hassles and give yourself the peace of mind that if anything ever were to happen, your store and your livelihood are safe in the hands of Rewind. Remember, the customer support teams at Shopify and BigCommerce can’t do anything to help you in the event that important information and data from your store are lost or deleted, so take that responsibility upon yourself and safeguard your assets from any accidental or purposeful threats.

Think of the Rewind app like an insurance policy that saves you from the stress, frustration, and time-consuming hassle of having to manually fix and restore every little mistake on your site, and a saving grace from anything truly awful that might happen to delete all of your data. No matter whether you’re a small store just getting started or an enterprise with multiple websites servicing different areas of the world, the Rewind app can help back up your store.

Rewind’s Features & Services

Rewind's Features and Services

Available on Multiple Platforms

Rewind is available through the Shopify App Store and the BigCommerce app store and also integrates with the QuickBooks Online software so you can set it and forget it while it takes care of protecting and backing up your important data. It quickly integrates directly with your store and gets up and running immediately so you’ll waste no time protecting your assets.

Automatic and Manual Backups

Rewind Automatic Backups

Backups are automatically created every day at midnight so you never have to worry about remembering to manually backup your store yourself. You can, however, manually back up your store at any time, like right before you’re about to make some changes or updates, for instance, so in the event that anything goes wrong you can quickly and easily revert back to your store’s settings from just moments earlier.

These flexible backup options enable you to be in total control of your website’s data without having to actually remember to do it or to have to plan around it. It’s also worth mentioning that some apps have real-time monitoring available so their backups will be updated instantly and automatically as they change. All the plans except the Growth Plan (the $5/month plan) offer real-time monitoring of changes that have been made to your store and the ability to run a manual backup at any time.

Rewind Your Data Easily

Rewind Backups

Rewind also gives you flexibility in how you choose to restore your data. Depending on the situation, you can use the One by One rewind or the Entire Store rewind. As the name implies, the One by One rewind allows you to select one or multiple items to restore to a previous version, such as a product, page, or order. This is useful when you’ve made many changes to your store but only want to undo 1 mistake. For the times when seemingly everything has gone wrong in your store, the Entire Store rewind allows you to restore your account to a specific date and time. It’s like Mac’s Time Machine for your store.

Save to the Rewind Vault

The backups you save though the Rewind app are stored in the Rewind Vault which is a secure and encrypted area that you can browse through at any time to find the backup that best suits what you’re looking to restore. It keeps a complete history of your data including previous versions that are no longer active.

Pros & Cons of the Rewind App

The biggest advantage of using the Rewind app is that it gives you peace of mind knowing that your store’s data is safe, secure, and recoverable no matter what circumstances may lead to potential loss or deletion of your store’s assets. The biggest disadvantage is that it’s only available for Shopify and BigCommerce stores at this time, so if you don’t sell through either of those platforms the Rewind app is not currently available for you.


  • Available for Shopify & BigCommerce ecommerce platforms and for QuickBooks Online accounting software
  • They offer a diverse range of pricing options starting at $5/month
  • They have a dedicated team of developers & customer service personnel to provide customer support
  • Backups are created automatically every day, with manual backups available on demand
  • There’s the flexibility to select individual or multiple items to rewind, such as a few of your products or your entire store all at once
  • All stored data is encrypted in the secure Rewind Vault and all connections are made securely
  • For some apps, real-time monitoring is available with items being backed up instantly as they change
  • Browse the Rewind Vault at any time, where all your data and backups are saved


  • At this time, the Rewind App is not available for any other ecommerce platforms other than Shopify & BigCommerce or for accounting software other than QuickBooks Online,
  • Their lowest pricing tier doesn’t offer all features such as starting backups at any time or the Magic
  • Undo option
  • The Shopify app is their most developed app and currently includes more features than the BigCommerce app

Rewind’s Pricing

Rewind Pricing

Rewind offers a variety of pricing options to suit businesses from the startup stage through to the enterprise stage. No matter where your business is at in terms of budget, the Rewind App should be within your reach. That being said, the peace of mind and protection that Rewind provides for ecommerce business owners is priceless.


This Rewind app review has hopefully given you more insight into why it’s so important to backup your store’s data so you can protect your online business’ assets and your livelihood from unforeseen mistakes, unwanted changes, malicious attacks, and accidental deletions. Using Rewind is so simple and efficient it’s one of the best decisions any ecommerce business owner can do for their store, no matter what stage of building, launching or growing their business they’re in. If you want our advice, save yourself from potential crises down the road and install the Rewind app now before you even need it. It’s one of the simplest yet most effective preventative measures you can make for your business, today.


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