Build high-quality listings with Amazon’s Brand Benefit tools

If you are a brand owner selling in Amazon stores, you can use our self-service, brand-exclusive tools, called Brand Benefits, to build awareness and grow your business.

Here are some of the detail page content tools which are available to brand owners to build high-quality listings and help create the experience customers desire to increase conversion:

  • Manage Your Experiments allows you to run controlled experiments to A/B test your detail page content and discover what may convert best with shoppers.
  • A+ Content can make your products stand out with rich text and images in the Product Description section of the detail page. Adding A+ content can help increase sales by connecting customers with your brand story and diving deep into product features.
  • Brand Dashboard provides helpful insights on how you can improve customer experience and maintain your brand health metrics.
  • Customer Reviews give you a dashboard of recent customer reviews so that you can easily read, track, and respond to all your customer reviews from one place.

Read more about our Brand Benefits tools and see if you’re eligible for Amazon Brand Registry eligibility.

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