Amazon DSP Has More Benefits than Sponsored Ads, Says Leading Ad Expert

LONDON, May 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — George Meressa, the founder of the paid-advertising agency Clear Ads Ltd., recently discussed the 10 features found on Amazon DSP that Sponsored Ads lack. “Amazon DSP and Sponsored Ads are both integral parts of Amazon’s advertising capabilities, but without doubt, there are some areas where Amazon DSP is miles ahead,” explains Meressa.

Although Sponsored Ads offers a cost-effective solution for professional sellers to boost visibility and sales on Amazon, the Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) brings a unique and valuable set of strengths to the table. Meressa highlights the following Amazon DSP features:

Overlap reports – find out what audiences should be included within Amazon Advertising activities and extend campaign reach with overlapping audiences.
Strong remarketing – provides a greater ability to regain the interest of prospects who have interacted with products without purchase, boosts conversion rates and helps develop stronger bonds with prospective customers.
Advertise away from Amazon – promote items on a variety of trusted affiliated websites, each of which gives a much better chance of catching target audiences.
Video advertising – using video content not only on Amazon itself but on IMDb and a range of other trusted websites, alongside Prime video streaming.
Amazon DSP Reporting Center – provides an in-depth insight on add-to-carts, sales, engagement sales made through new to brand, brand store engagement and traffic.
Target by postcode or location – display ads in selected areas to ensure ads match each target audience.
Segment your campaigns – provides greater clarity and information about the activities undertaken and control where ads appear.
Scheduling ads for set times – gives greater levels of control and allows users to boost activities during those times when ads are more frequent.
Targeting by prior purchase behavior – allows for more focused and comprehensive advertising activities and reaching new audiences.
Greater data leverage – use shopping transaction data to target customers based on prior behavior and purchase intent.
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