How Positive and Negative Amazon Reviews Influence Sales?

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Role of Positive and Negative Reviews in Amazon Sales

Do you always check reviews on Amazon, when you want to buy something? Are you still planning to buy it if this product has a bad rating? Probably not for sure anymore. 

Vitalii Khyzhniak
Amazon Advertising Expert

This problem is different for a seller. Advertised products need to be popular. All reviews are changing Amazon’s vision of your products and your rank. That´s why reviews have a massive impact on your Amazon sales.

As with any other seller, you want to be confident in your future sales. The same, as you want your customers to be confident in your product. Good ratings can help you to be sure that someone is making the right choice by buying your products.  

Sadly, there is no quick and easy way to be 100% sure that no incident will ever happen, and no one will give you a bad review. But don’t you want to maximize your chances of luck? 

Positive online reviews on Amazon

To avoid decreasing your product´s listing rank, you need to get as many positive reviews as possible. It can also help to raise the chances of conquering for the desired “Buy Box”, where your listing plays the binding role. Too critical is the excellent product´s rating so that you can get on the top of Amazon´s organic search results. 

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