How to run Private Label and get reviews on Amazon in 2020?

amazon private label

Generating reviews is the most crucial part of your Amazon business. Especially in 2020, when there are few white hat tactics left on the table. 

Everyone talking about tactics and no one about strategy. You have to make your customers love you, and enjoy your product, build loyalty with your brand. That’s what matters. 

All sellers are doing business with the wrong strategy, even those who are doing a lot of revenue. All these gurus are telling the ‘truth’ on YouTube to sound it easy and motivational. 

I started my FBA business back in 2016 and did it the wrong way. Then I partnered up with the guy who wasn’t aware of Amazon FBA thing. He taught me the right way to build an eCommerce business. I’ll share it in this article. 

The wrong way to build a business on Amazon:

  • Product (checking numbers in chrome extension tool)
  • Offer
  • Funnel
  • Audience (maybe)

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