How To Diversify Your Amazon PPC Strategy and Dodge the Competition

amazon ppc

Amazon sellers go to great lengths to get their products ranking highly for specific keywords. They use giveaways, deep discounts, rebates, black hat tactics and aggressive advertising practices. 

Collectively, these have skyrocketed the baseline cost for successfully launching products on Amazon. New sellers or brands trying to get a foothold in the search results, while staying compliant with Amazon’s terms of service, face a daunting challenge.

The good news is that Amazon Advertising is a 100% compliant way to launch products and be profitable. Amazon offers a plethora of advertising options for us to win eyeballs and sales, and these are not just limited to keyword searches. 

You can win the game without spending a ton of money if you are willing to be a little creative with your Amazon PPC strategy.

The basic PPC campaign structure

There are a few different basic strategies for Amazon Sponsored Products PPC ads. 

Some sellers create separate campaigns based on keyword type, such as one for brand names and another for generic product descriptions. Others break out their campaigns by search volume, separating high-volume keywords from long-tail keywords. Another strategy is to create campaigns based on research phases, running from discovery and research to “winners”.

All of these strategies tend to use a mix of automatic campaigns to generate keywords and manual campaigns to provide greater control.

Automatic campaigns can be set up with the least amount of effort on your part. Just pick a product to advertise, set a maximum bid per click and you are good to go. Amazon does most of the heavy lifting in terms of connecting buyer search terms to your ad, by identifying keywords from within your listing or from similar products.

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